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October 10th  /  9:30AM - 12PM  /  Applied Behavioral Science Workshop

Om Marwah will hold a half-day workshop the following day to help attendees learn the most effective behavioral science strategies for application in their businesses.


This event requires a VIP pass. 

October 10th  /  1PM - 5PM  /  Behavioral Analytics Workshop

How to Combine Rationality with Irrationality and Uncertainty to Discover Better Insights

by Dextro Analytics

With the rise of data, AI algorithms, and behavioral economics, there is no shortage of tools or techniques. Regardless of the size of a business, many are failing today more than ever, especially in our current complex and uncertain marketplace. This workshop aims to understand why we are failing and what we can do to counteract this endemic failure. We will focus specifically on how to uncover truth by leveraging the art of behavioral economics and the science of machine learning.


The session will explore:

  1. What is the role of irrationality, rationality, and uncertainty in consumer behavior?

  2. What are the challenges in machine learning and behavioral economics?

  3. When to use data science and behavioral economics?

  4. How to discover both rational and irrational nuggets from behavioral data?

  5. How to integrate data science with behavioral economics to uncover both insights and foresights?


Who should attend?

Executives, decision makers, and business leaders in-charge of improving decision-making and implementing innovative approaches in understanding consumer behavior.

Please note that this boot camp is not geared towards software developers or data scientists. Questions related to algorithms, programming, scalability, architecture, infrastructure, etc., will be out of scope.


Live practice session with sample data for insight generation

Following the bootcamp, each participant will receive:

  1. Complimentary one-hour problem solving session with an industry expert

  2. Complimentary knowledge discovery visualization of your sample dataset


About the Instructor

Ajith Govind | Govind founded Dextro Analytics with the vision of integrating analytics and technology to help global companies solve the same problem differently. He has successfully worked with global brands such as Unilever, Dell, Sanofi, Microsoft to solve complex high dimensional problems by leveraging AI, ML and Behavioral Science. He has also actively contributed to government, public agencies and NGOs to combat problems of sex trafficking, climate change and policy matters. Govind has been recognized by IBM's "Great Mind Challenge" for creating path-breaking cloud-based application for the Retail industry.

Participants will be required to bring their own Wi-Fi-enabled computer/laptop to the seminar (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 or Mac OS X).

The course fee includes all training materials.

This event requires a VIP pass. 

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