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PeopleScience is excited to be part of the 2018 Behavioral Marketing Summit!


PeopleScience is a dynamic platform for discussing the opportunities and challenges of applied behavioral science.  We bring together leaders from the business and academic worlds to share behavioral insights for the modern marketplace. With a website, live Table Talks, video, podcasts and active social channels, PeopleScience is the home for engaging, credible, witty and accessible conversations about the future of business. We’re like a dinner party with your really smart friends.  


At the 2018 Summit, PeopleScience will:

  • Lead a PeopleScience Table Talk with Dan Ariely, Charlotte Blank (Chief Behavioral Officer of Maritz) and Jeff Kreisler (Editor-in-Chief of PeopleScience).

  • Host the PeopleScience Parlor. Located in the second floor library, the Parlor will be an active sanctuary to browse books and articles on behavioral science, foster discussion and conduct interviews.

  • Soak in the knowledge and insight of attendees and speakers, ask and answer questions, make connections and move the conversation forward.

We can’t wait!


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