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Tuesday, October 9th

8:30am // Registration, Coffee & Mingling

9:00am // Opening Remarks, Om Marwah

9:05am // Candice Hogan and Charlene Wu, Uber & Airbnb

Bridging Digital and Physical Worlds with Applied Behavioral Science

9:35am // Dr. Michael Hallsworth, The Behavioural Insights Team

The Formality Effect

10:00am // Sam Tatam, Ogilvy

The Future of Behavioural Science Will Be More Like Music Than Magic

10:25am // Break

10:45am // Dr. Namika Sagara, Ipsos

Leveraging Behavioral Science to Inform Marketing Strategy

11:05am // Wendy De La Rosa, Common Cents Lab 

Using Behavioral Science to Improve Financial Well-Being

11:30am // Roger Dooley, Author 

The EASY Path to Customer Loyalty

11:50am //  Jake Makler, Quantum Metric

Abstract Art or Heatmap? Moving Beyond the Guessing Game in CX

12:05pm // Lunch


1:10pm // Shirin Oreizy, Next Step

Using Behavioral Science to Improve Conference Outcomes


1:25pm // Florent Buisson, Allstate

Using Behavioral Science Without Damaging Your Brand

1:45pm // Charlotte Blank, Maritz

Helpful versus Creepy: Data Transparency in Customer Recommendations

2:10pm // Break

2:30pm // Dan Ariely, Duke University


3:15pm // Dan Ariely, Charlotte Blank, and Jeff Kreisler

A People Science Table Talk

3:50pm // Thomas Hogan

4:15pm // Musical Performance

4:30pm // Ajith Govind, Dextro Analytics 

Lightening ​Talk: Finding the Nemo Called Irrationality!

4:40pm // Olga Elizarova, Mad*Pow

Customer Journey Mapping & COM-B Analysis to Aid Design Decision-Making 


5:10pm // Dr. Chiara Varazzani, Australian Government

Human Behavior at the Heart of Public Policy

5:30pm // Happy Hour

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