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9:00AM Opening Remarks, Om Marwah

9:05AM-9:40AM: The Behavioral Science of Sharing Economies, Candice Hogan and Charlene Wu, Uber and AirBnB 

9:40AM-10:10AM: Dr. Michael Hallsworth,

The Behavioural Insights Team

10:10AM-10:30AM Break

10:30AM-11:00AM Sam Tatam, Ogilvy

11:00AM-11:30AM Roger Dooley, Author


11:30AM-12:00PM Chiara Varazzani, Australian Government Behavioral Science

12:00PM-1:15PM Lunch

1:15PM-1:45PM Charlotte Blank, Maritz

1:45PM-2:15PM Florent Buisson, Allstate

2:15PM-2:30PM Break

2:30PM-3:15PM Dan Ariely, Duke University

3:15PM-3:50PM Dan Ariely, Charlotte Blank, Jeff Kriesler, Duke University and Maritz

3:50PM-4:00PM Break

4:00PM-4:30PM Thomas Hogan

4:30PM-4:40PM Musical Performance

4:40PM-5:10PM Wendy De La Rosa, Common Cents Lab

5:10PM-5:30PM Namika Sagara, IPSOS

5:30PM Happy Hour

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